When nearly every mother had to brace for complaints about how inattentive, restless and talkative her child was in class, my teacher had an unusual complaint:
“Why doesn’t Neha talk? I’ve never seen a child who doesn’t utter a word through the day! What is wrong with her? She must speak.”

Little did my teacher know how much I spoke, inside.

At any given point in time, I’d have a thousand thoughts racing through my tiny head. Had I put each of them down in the shape they’d best assume, I’d be in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of stories, quotes, opinions and posts by now!

Years passed, and I’m less quieter now. I can have a short conversation, so to say. But my mind is still the chatterbox that it was…talking to itself all the time. So one fine January morning, I decided to find a place for some of those thousand fleeting thoughts. Thus was born, a thousand splendid visions.

You’ll find real-life experiences and stories, fiction, poetry, views and opinions here. I welcome you to join me, with a disclaimer: If you don’t like something that I write, please do not blame me. It’s my mind’s mischief, which I have no control over! šŸ˜‰