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I was tagged by Prateek to write this post.

It’s funny how you find yourself feeling awkward in a situation that should be anything but that.

When I was asked to pen down my views about the next level for my blog, I was stumped. I didn’t really have an answer, because I haven’t yet visualized where I’d like my blog to be. How fascinating that my blog’s next level hasn’t made it to my thousand splendid visions yet!

Of course, you don’t see too far when you’re nursing a baby born 59 days ago, do you? You revel in the present, cherishing every moment of your baby’s growing up, trying to figure the best ways because the early days will shape its tomorrow.

That perhaps explains why I was stumped.

My blog must be the baby of the Blogchatter family, as it only celebrates its second month of being born tomorrow. I’m a happy mother, knowing that my munchkin has many beautiful aunt and generous uncle blogs who bring in years of experience in the family to be pampered, nurtured and supported by all along. 🙂

And that’s exactly how I want it to be. As an anti-materialist, monetizing my blog is the last thing on my mind. My writings are a window to my world, to all that goes inside my ever-rambling mind…and it isn’t something anyone’s allowed to put a price tag on.

Perhaps, the next level for my blog would be where my readers, and not I, are at the forefront of promoting and getting my blog out to the world. So yes, I intend to strike a chord with my visitors, and leave them with something to ponder that’ll compel them to come back. Yet, none of it will be to tickle the fickle tastebuds of the masses, because what appeals to the crowds doesn’t usually find favour with my mind. A thousand splendid visions is for and by my mind.

I wouldn’t worry much about where my blog will next be right now, but the Universe has some plans up its sleeves. So right when you desire to be more creatively fulfilled, isn’t it fascinating how the perfect connections and inspirations come knocking your door? There’s a reason why Blogchatter has graciously accepted my baby into its family.

Yes, there’s a reason for everything…
…and I want to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter.

I now tag Reema to write her take on the topic.