Image source: Hldrmn/ Flickr Creative Commons

I’d never felt as weak before. My right jaw throbbed, like the tiny finger would under a 100 kilo rock. The pain had swiftly leapt nerves and travelled to my head. I could feel a sharp, searing pain above my right ear, enough to black me out. I realized I had blacked out for some minutes each several times that night, cold with fear of losing the battle to the dawn that I believed I wouldn’t see.

I’d never felt as helpless before. I didn’t have a way out. The cause of the pain was known, yet unknown. Its roots weren’t within my reach, and the only person who could dive that far couldn’t see me before 9 a.m. Or six hours and twelve minutes, to be precise. By now, I was succumbing to my fate, almost sure I wouldn’t be awake to see him. Or see anyone for that matter.

All that I loved and cherished would fade away within hours. My to-do list for the day, and for all the years I’m yet to live, would never make it to the done folder. Though much of what I wanted to do was day-specific, as I didn’t believe in planning for the future. In all the dreams I’d seen and built upon, I’d lost much of the present, only to find broken pieces of the dream just when I thought I was about to see them fulfill. So that night, my to-do list didn’t really matter.

What mattered was how I lived those last few hours before the world came to an end. I couldn’t do anything as I was strapped under the pain, so I had to use my ever-racing mind to its best. As I lay hapless, I looked around to see whatever little the darkness around wanted to show. I saw my sister’s shadow, and thanked it for towing along the years, protecting and loving me like the tree over the grass under.

The grass reminded me of my school field, and the few friends I call my own. I had something to say to each of them, and I knew the moment was here. I spoke to each, baring my soul…in my mind that was a cobweb of emotions by now. I felt lighter, happier. I can’t explain how that pain appeared to have vanished for a nanosecond. The next fleeting moment, I saw my family. I drowned in my zillion thank yous and a billion sorrys as I sunk into my pillow.

When I opened my eyes, the sun’s warm rays were kissing my feet. I didn’t realize when I fell asleep, and I couldn’t believe the moon had set. But the pain was there, only worse. I could feel the stretch of dried tears on my sunken cheeks. I was parched, and all my energy had drained by now. Yet, I somehow got up and went to my parents.

I told them about the murderous night where I’d been stabbed by a blinding pain that ran through my jaws to my head, and down my shoulders and back the other side. At 9 a.m. sharp, I saw him. By 10 a.m., my pain had subsided.

I’d lived my doomsday moment that night when I was struck by what the doctor coined as a “severe wisdom tooth pain”. Thank you dear tooth, I’d seek the wisdom of the ages, but never yours, you villain of Krypton’s supervillain!

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